ginger lime mule shrub

Created with fresh ginger, lime juice, and apple cider vinegar our mule shrub provides a tasty and zesty alternative to traditional ginger drinks. A true refreshment on it’s own, the shrub also makes the best “moscow mule” cocktail when mixed with vodka or a “stormy mule” when mixed with a dark rum.
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citrus tonic

Our citrus tonic retains an invigorating bitterness that you would expect from a traditional tonic which is brightened by citrus and other botanical flavors that enliven the senses. The tonic is sophisticated on its own as a non-alcoholic option while also creating an amazing gin or vodka cocktail.


floral tonic

Our floral tonic is a wonderful match of complex and quaffable flavors. With a bitterness that is slightly less bracing, we let the botanicals speak for themselves. The aromas have a bouquet of flowers, spice and citrus zests. The final touch delivers notes of hibiscus, which imparts its beautiful hue.