Lost Identity Beverage Company didn’t invent tonics or shrubs but we have conceived of new ways to utilize these wonderful drinks of history. What this means is using whole, natural ingredients and bestowing the same methods of the past to keep these drinks true to their expression.

Shrubs have played a very integral part in the beverage world throughout the centuries. Employing the power of vinegar as a way to capture and naturally preserve the freshness of fruit, shrubs also provide a pleasant zippy touch on the tongue. The result, when performed with care, is a delicious brightness and a refreshing thirst quencher that beholds the many health benefits of vinegar.

Lost Identity has discovered the beauty of combining different fruits, herbs, and cane sugar with just the right amount of apple cider vinegar to create the perfect balance of slightly sweet and sour flavors. We pride ourselves in taking time to experiment and perfect drinks to enjoy time and time again.

Tonics were formulated and introduced from sailors and explorers from the 1700’s. Most notable they started with cinchona bark from South America which contains an alkaloid called quinine. This was mainly used as a fever reducer and treatment for malaria. Several other botanicals were also added for medicinal purposes, to add flavor and balance out the bitterness. Lost Identity makes tonic in the same manner as they were originally made using whole, natural ingredients. You can really taste the difference in our tonics as they are void of the chemical aftertaste you find in most commercial tonics. Our tonics are refreshing and palatable; these drink more like a lightly bittered herbal tea. We adopt several botanicals and spices to enhance the drinking experience and brew them so they blend together effortlessly. Our tonics are lively and leave a sensational experience that you won’t forge

Lost Identity Beverage Company is located in scenic Vail, Colorado. We started a beverage company with the inspiration of creating culinary art. We draw from many days and nights of crafting drinks behind a bar and reading about historical uses of ingredients. Lost Identity Beverage Company believes that to keep life fresh you must get out and explore it; be that in the wonder of the Rocky Mountains, traveling, socializing or enjoying a book at home.

As the founders of a beverage company we love that we can share our passions with you in many given moments. While we are all out there losing ourselves to every moment, Lost Identity hopes you may find yourself alive in a drink.

– From the past, in the present and on to the future.