Gluten Free

Why Lost Identity?

At the outset of forming Lost Identity Beverage Company (LIBCo) we wanted to convey the historical significance of the beverages we were resurrecting. Both shrubs and tonics were drinks that were popular as recently as 150 years ago but date back over a thousand years. By bringing these drinks to market in a modern era LIBCo aims to define it’s “identity” with these delicious elixirs which have been “lost” to history

A shrub is a maceration of fruit (or roots, herbs, vegetables), vinegar and sugar. They contain no alcohol and are not fermented. While they may have similar flavor profiles to kombucha tea they are not alive and have a considerable shelf life and stability. Historically shrubs were created as a way to preserve fruit out of season before refrigeration. They are similar to pickling where you replace the salt with sugar.

We make tonic in the way which tonic was made hundreds of years ago. All tonic in the traditional sense contains quinine. While the majority of major name brand tonics contain quinine derived through a chemical process in a laboratory setting LIBCo utilizes the bark of the cinchona tree. This is where quinine naturally occurs and where quinine traditionally was sourced prior to modern beverage production. By utilizing cinchona along with dozens of other whole botanicals LIBCo has created two flavored tonics that are both delicious and unique while paying homage to the roots of the beverage.

We recommend enjoying our beverages within 1 year of the bottling date for maximum freshness. Due to the nature of shrubs they are still safe to drink for some time after this as well. After opening we also recommend refrigerating.



Both our shrubs and tonics do contain cane sugar. By definition shrubs use sugar for the maceration process. Although we try and minimize the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the fruit. As for the tonics sugar is used to balance out the bitterness. Since we use a natural source of quinine instead of a synthetic source our tonics are less bitter and therefor require less sugar than commercial tonics.

The shrubs are safe to drink while you are pregnant but it is not recommended to drink the tonics as they do contain quinine.

There are approximately 21 drinks in one of our 32oz bottles.

We make both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Only our non-alcoholic drinks are currently available to order online.